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Shore Fishing:


In Malta, many are the places where one can enjoy shore fishing. From sandy beaches for beach casting or some secluded bay for light ledge ring. Depending on what type of fishing one may prefer, Malta offers a vast range of fish and underwater fauna.

Some of the favourite fish to be caught are Mullet, Saddled Bream (Kahlija), Pandora (Pagella), Striped Sea Bream (Mingus), Gilthead Sea Bream (Awrata) and many others. Mister Fish offers a wide variety of rods, tackle and bait to suit the needs of this type of fishing.

Boat Fishing

With boat fishing you have a greater chance of catching a fish! since you can roam around until you find the right spot. You can also enjoy different types of fishing, such as bottom fishing, trolling, jigging and more.

With bottom fishing one can expect to catch Cleaver Wrasse (Ruzetta), Blue Spotted Sea Bream (Pagru Par), Pandora (Pagella Hamra), Rainbow Wrasse (Gharusa) and others. As bait, it would be best to use shrimps and rag worms to achieve better results.

The season for trolling is from May till December. In May the Albacore (Long Fin Tunny Alonga) are quite popular around the territorial waters of Malta. At Mister Fish we recommend Rapala lures and Storm lures to be used for a better catch.

As the season wears on, the Albacore gives way to Dorado (Lampuka) which gives a special thrill to the fisherman as they are quite abundant during the season and also lasts longer.

Boat or Shore Fishing

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