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Mister Fish, is a well known name in the fishing industry, it is the only fishing franchise to enter the Maltese islands a few years back.  Josef Camilleri, a keen fisherman himself, saw the necessity to open a large fishing tackle shop to be able to fully cater for the fisherman’s needs.  The first outlet was opened in Iklin, followed two years later by another in Fgura and later another outlet was opened in Gżira.    Mister Fish offers a vast, well priced range of fishing tackle products and also ground bait, artificial bait and also live bait.  To further complement the fishing tackle side, Mister Fish also offers scuba diving equipment –  from masks, to flippers, suits, etc.  Mister Fish also has a series of fishing programmes which can be watched on Misterfisherman Youtube channel.   These programmes are solely dedicated to fishing.  In these programs we get to meet different people from all walks of life, young and old where they share fishing experiences, old and also new techniques.  We are always striving to stay ahead, always thinking of new ideas to put fishing in the lead. 

Josef Camilleri together with a very professional team at Mister Fish, are always willing to give you their time to teach you the basics of of many types of fishing techniques, both from land and boat.  They help you to choose the right tackle and bait to make a good catch.  Josef, although a very busy person both at home with five kids and also running a business, always finds the time to practice his favourite past- time.  One of the many advantages of this sport is that it can be practiced alone, with family  or with friends.  It is a hobby that can give you a different thrill all throughout the year, as each month brings a different catch of fish.  In January for example,  is the Calamari season,  April is good for Cuttlefish (Siċċ), May is the Tuna season.  September/October is lampuki time and one can find Mullet all the year round with so many other species of fish.  Josef definitely recommends anyone who has never tried fishing to give it a go and try the experience at first hand and see how rewarding and relaxing it can be.

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Mister Fish, Joseph Camilleri
Josef Camilleri - Mister Fish

I had a Dream

We all have our dreams. We all have high hopes and wishes for a more fulfilling life. I have mine. Sadly though, not all of us are lucky enough to see our dreams take a real form, to be able to see them, touch them and savor their real meaning in our own lifetime. But some are, and I am one of them. Ever since I was a little boy, one would always find me with a fishing rod in hand, trying to hook a mullet off the pier in my hometown of Msida. My father had a small fishing boat and I can still see him and my mother, together on this tiny boat ‘irejjxu’ as the sun set in those memorable summer nights. Sadly both my mother and father are no longer with us. I am grateful to my father for planting in me a love for the sea and fishing. I thank my mother for instilling in me her powerful drive to face life with courage and to never let go of my dreams. This Mister Fish venture was my lifelong dream, which I owe to my dear parents. This is what makes Mister Fish so much more than a business venture for me. It is my hobby, indeed my life passion and I am very happy to be able to share it with you all – friends of Mister Fish.
Josef Camilleri
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Monster Tuna Catch

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