Fishing Club

How It All Started


Since many years back, a group of all fishing enthusiasts would meet on a regular basis, mostly to spend quality time together after a busy day at work. Most of the time they simply enjoyed each other’s company and discussed their preferred and best-loved topic; recreational fishing. At times, the plan would be a good meal together and with the rest of their family members.

Obviously and when the weather allowed, a fishing adventure would be the top priority of the agenda, mostly intended to sustain and strengthen their friendship.

Mister Fish Denci Club Malta
Mister Fish and the Denci Club
Denci Club & Mister Fish


This video was published on the Facebook page of the Denci Fishing Club. It was filmed during a fishing competition held in Mtahleb, Malta,

Images below were taken during a cliffs fishin event organised by Denci Fishing Club in collaboration with Mister Fish Malta.