Varivas Avani Jigging Braid

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Ultimate strength with extreme thinness.
Created with VARIVAS x8 braided Max Power fibers.
We present you, VARIVAS original 10m x 10 colors jigging line

●Uses the VARIVAS x8 braided Max Power fibers for its material. Ultra-durable and as thin as a line can be, this line will support the angler to explore the infinite world of fishing.

●The angler can accurately aim his jig for the target zone with the VARIVAS original 10m x 10 color system.

●The special coating provides silky smoothness and incredible durability that could never have been achieved by a PE line in the past.

●Includes a Color-Range chart sticker to identify the hit range at a glance.

●Comes with a handy sticker for identifying the sizes. Great for sticking on reels.

Color:10m x 10 colors (Marking Line)